Steam Slug Openoko Entertainment / GFI / Russobit-M 2009

It is the world of Steam Slug, the world where at the end of XIX century history followed an alternative path and machines rose against the mankind. Smoking monsters with human brains encased in brass 'n' glass roam devastated cities. The skies are blackened with mechanical creatures, the streets are plagued with steam and blood.
There is no place to go, the machines are everywhere and the only way of survival for you and for the mankind is to fight rogue engines and find the ultimate evil behind their creation – mysterious Mephistopheles.
SteamSlug is a TPP game. In game we play a role of a mercenery - Evan McRyan. In order to complete his task he will be forced to stand ground against hordes of steam machines and the Coward's army. An English version came out in 2011.
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Russian Demo ~794MB ( @ Games On Net)
Review by wkduffy
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.02GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English DVD ISO Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo + PhysX 1.11GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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