Mabou Shoujo Mirakuru Kurun Desunoya Games 2016

Mabou Shoujo Mirakuru Kurun, literally translated as Kurun the Miracle Devil Girl, is a multidirectional horizontally scrolling shooter. The player controls Kurun as she travels through a number of areas and must destroy enemies by using a magical paddle. The game plays like a standard shooting game in most respect where the player's goal is to shoot as quickly as possible anything that moves or threatens the protagonist with each level ends with a boss fight. The paddle is auto-fire and can be rotated to avoid incoming attacks. Defeated enemies sometimes drop gems which is useful for charging special attacks or to purchase items. Completing stages allow the player to progress through the overworld map and to succeeding worlds.
Trial Demo 68MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo 184MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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