System Shock 2 Irrational Games, Looking Glass / Electronic Arts 1999

Aboard the intergalactic research spaceship "von Braun" one awakes and finds himself alone. Through recorded messages found throughout the ship, you gradually learn what happened. You set about to explore the spaceship and encounter numerous opponents, like different robot forms, automated security equipment (autofiring gun setups, cameras, and alarms which if set off alert enemies to your location), mutants and some artificial intelligences. One can switch off the security equipment for some time. One gets some weapons (even if many in the 1st part as well as health packs become scarce later). Also, one collects Nanites and cybernetic modules with which one can improve your own abilities and even psychic powers at certain upgrade places. The degree of difficulty is variable which is necessary because in some places ths story pulls you frantically along. The events are exciting and varied, the graphics are not overpowering, but well done nonetheless. The spaceships are essentially as detailed as with the first game. Crew's quarters, kitchens, offices, and leisure areas - everything well designed. One can play through System Shock 2 also in Co-op mode in twos - a play variant neglected during the last years unfortunately in 3D Shooter games. At the end the player can expect a brilliant gag which I would have wished gladly was done "with more detail". Unfortunately, the end in some aspects is not to my liking and is somewhat irritating. Altogether though, this is one of my favourite games, even if I found the first part (in spite of the outdated graphics) similarly good - because it offered more variety in weapons, tools and drugs and had a more balanced degree of difficulty.
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Level Demo ~37MB ( @
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Total Conversions & Graphic Upgrades
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Full Demo ~325MB ( @
WinXP/2k fix
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Full Demo ~119MB Music Addon ~49MB Sound Fix ~16MB Movie Addon ~69MB (uploaded by MasteromaN)
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Extra Movies Addon ~18MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 509MB (uploaded by Egon68)
MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo English + German v2.0.0.14 868MB+868MB (uploaded by Shattered)
GOG Digital ISO Demo English + German v2.2.0.10 798MB+800MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Unofficial Patch v2.43 (to run on modern systems) / Infos 17MB
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System Shock 2 Community Patch (SCP) — Beta 1 24MB (uploaded by
GoG and Steam Patch v.243 (provided by oldman & upped by Scaryfun) 17.5MB
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.2.47_nd_(22087) + Goodies 859MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GOG Digital ISO Demo English / German v2.3.0.11 805MB / 806MB (uploaded by Shattered)
MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo English / German v2.0.0.16 885MB / 1.23GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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