Tanarus Verant Interactive / Sony Interactive Studios America 1997

Tanarus is an online exclusive action game with tanks. Before the game starts the player has to choose a difficulty setting which affects the available arenas and his human opponents. Then there is the selection of the tank; there are five tanks to choose which differ in speed, armory and weaponry. The last decision to be made is the equipment like canons, rocket launchers or energy guns. The most important choice is the battery because every laser shot and every movement lowers its charge. When the charge is consumed the tank moves with 30% of its normal speed. At the own base serves as a maintenance area, which means the tank can be repaired or completely replaced and the battery can be replenished. Then the game itself begins. The goal is simple: Blast the enemy into little pieces, either in deathmatch, a team battle or a duel. There are up to four factions in one area which all have a flag in their base. When catching one of them and bringing it to the own base the player gets points which result in a better rank. The arenas are cities with buildings, ramps and streets. The mouse is not supported, the game is either played with the keyboard or a joystick. The editor allows to build own areas which can be played with other paying customers when the developer approves them. Yes, to play the game there is a monthly fee which has to payed. However there is also a free version which offers two arenas and one tank. It was later added as part of the Station Pass package offered by Sony Online Entertainment to their online games site. On May 25, 2007 it was made free. On June 10, 2010, the game was officially shut down.
Level Demo 7.7MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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Map Editor (uploaded by Official Site)

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