Jigoku no Heli Commando ObliqueGlass 2016

Literally translated as Heli Commando in Hell, this is a mouse-based military shooting game by the developer who previously released Asteraiser. Taking place in 198X, during the Cold War between east and west, helicopter had become a sophisticated vehicle used in the battlefield. Set in Bell Bardo, a small country located on Western Ocean, a military coup broke out and multinational fleet was dispatched to resolve the conflict. The player is tasked with numerous missions by using newly developed helicopter XOH-1 "Ninja Commando" capable of great attack and mobility. The helicoper has two modes of fire; machine gun and ground weapons such as rockets, bombs and long range guns. When a mission is completed, the result is displayed in the flight history. The medals will be awarded according to progress and success evaluation. The player can upgrade helicopter with obtained medals.
Level Demo 74MB (uploaded by DLsite)
Full Demo 107MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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