Ikusaaaaaaan! Yuyusansan 2016

Suddenly Gensokyo was entirely shaken by a large earthquake. Is this a sign of natural disaster? Iku Nagae hoped that the incident for the earthquake would have some interesting for her. This is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by a doujin circle previously known for Touhou Madara Sakura and Thunder Faith. The player controls Iku Nagae and must destroy enemies by using five different speeds, three shot types and three spell cards which can only be selected before entering the game. It features Fever Time System, a special system which influence shot power, speed as well as score multiplier. When not in use Fever Time will regenerate by itself, but players can speed up charging by destroying the enemy and collecting dropped items. If player never loses a life since the beginning of the game and have maximum lives, the player will enter Revolution Mode which is basically similar to Donpachi's additional multiplier score sytem. If the player manages to unlock all secret bonus requirements on a stage, an alternative path can be traversed.
Japanese Full Demo 281MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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