Terminal Machine Cold Shock Studios / Asylum Games 2003

In this German game, it is 2082 when the world is struck by an unknown extraterrestrial life form. The armed forces have lost within seven months more than five million soldiers. Should we not gain control of the situation immediately, the extraterrestrials will soon control our planet. You are one of the last Android models XR72. As a part of the seventh androids army, you have been sent to eliminate the armed forces of the extraterrestrials in strategic points around the whole world. As soon as we manage to recapture these points, we have the chance to extinguish them. The game features: 3 giants levels, different weapons (Blaster Gun, SGL-021, machinegun, shells), a science fiction soundtrack, several different characters (Mancer, Quetzal, Dashkort, Pipkorg), game fun a la Terminator, 3 chooseable difficulty levels.
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Full Demo ~12MB & Movies and Music Add-on ~8MB (by keropi)
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Clone ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 82MB
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