Cubic Kill Array MagicK 2018

This is a secret escape adventure game. Character is placed in a mysterious planet randomly generated large chamber. The large chamber is one of large cube room. In every room randomly appears all sorts of different organs or the enemy. The location of the exit of the chamber of secrets is also generated randomly, and it may trigger the wiggling behavior of the chamber of secrets as the game progresses, leading to the dynamic change of the exit position. In the process of escape, players can obtain a large number of parts or props to help them survive. Props can also be synthesized or decomposed into new props. When you get to the exit of the cube, it's just beginning. Features: completely randomly generated game scenarios; dangerous and fearsome variety of traps, and enemies; a variety of useful props make customs clearance easy; the prop synthesis system gives you the freedom to play; mysterious exit space; exploring different games can unlock more classes and enrich the gameplay.
Download: None currently available

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