They're Alive! / Patriot Orion / GFI / Russobit-M 2009

The capital of Russia, Moscow, becomes not only political, financial and cultural center of the country but also the abode of all debaucheries and vices one could ever imagine!
You are a simple provincial engineer eager to change his worthless life. What could be a better place to start everything anew than Moscow where everyone can find some way to earn for a living?
But things there are not as easy as you thought… It starts with magical goggles and aliens and ends with stirring patriotism that will rally the country and drive out all unwelcome invaders! It has a lot of humor, jokes, and means to get even with odious townies. There's multiple weapons, even a car muffler. It seems to have taken the storyline of the John Carpenter movie They Live. An English version came out in 2011.
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DVD ISO Demo 1.19GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Review by wkduffy
ISO Demo 1.5GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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