BattleRush 2 Thunder Devs. 2018

This is a multiplayer large open-world shooter in the entourage of the Second World War with total destructibility of the environment and survival elements. Enter the role of a soldier from the Soviet or German armies during the Second World War. Take control of a small region (~25 km2) in eastern Europe. Look for weapons, supplies, food, and water. Complete destruction of any objects on the map including props, fences, trees, rocks, houses, towers, and more. More than 15 types of vehicles, advanced physical models, and quality animations. Shoot ballistic AT shells form numerous types of tank and guns (45mm - 150mm). Create tanks and cars for yourself, look for fuel and ammunition, or drive fast with comrades. Transport resources like wood or stone to supply the army. Create your defensive line using a variety of options for construction: dots, bunkers, towers, or stationary guns.
Download: None currently available

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