Thunder Brigade Bluemoon Interactive / Interactive Magic Ltd. 1998

Thunder Brigade is an arcade hover tank game made by an Estonian developer. 50-ton armored war machines fly in the air and race each other using advanced anti-gravity drives. There are three federations: Earth Alliance, the Halon Empire, and the United System. The player is a member of the United System's People's Army and must fight against the two opposing federations for their independence. Thunder Brigade takes place in 12 different locales and involves 30 different missions. There are four tank classes, Stealth, Battle, Heavy, and Demolisher: Stealth tanks are weaker with lower firepower but are hard to hit with missiles; Battle tanks are the most agile; Heavy tanks have the strongest armor and greatest firepower but are slow and clumsy; and Demolishers are perfect to attack enemy installations but are not maneuverable enough for tank warfare. There's six weapons systems at your disposal. A scenario editor is also included for both the single and multiplayer modes. The game suffers from being rushed out of the door and the unfortunate timing: it was made when publisher Interactive Magic was in its last throes before shutting down.
Level Demo ~13MB ( @ Official Site)
Full Demo ~40MB ( @ Fajnegry)
ISO Demo 539MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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