Masked Forces 2: Demonic Invasion FreezeNova 2018

This is another fantastic title from the Masked Forces series. In this game you must explore the depths of the underworld and fight a host of deadly and evil demons. You have been placed in the vast expanse of a desert but it is full of demonic creatures who wish to attack you and destroy your very soul. You must fight your way through these vile creatures and vie for survival. The demons are truly horrifying and are equipped with various demonic weapons that can cause you mortal damage. Use a variety of different weapons to dispatch them and send them back to the underworld where they belong. This is a superb game and one of the most intense and realistic demon slaying experiences you will have. Features: 3D multiplayer first-person shooter game with various demonic enemies; The game takes place in a big desert 3 game modes to play, survival, doomsday, and free-for-all; You can buy new weapons and armor; Daily reward.
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Crazy Games)

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