Witch Blood Kerim Kumbasar 2018

This is an FPS horror - adventure game that focused on reversing a curse of the 18th century village which you are living in. Discover the living forest and experience the horror that you are in. The legend says, centuries ago our village was cursed by witches. Our ancestors abandoned the lands after a bloody war against the witches, We thought that curse is over and we claimed our lands again in peace. But one night the village faced with the witches of living forest once more. Now it is time for to do the best I know. For salvation of the town and it's folk, the witch hunt. Defend yourself against Witches, Animals and other dangerous things. Explore the huge forest, temples, caves, camps, towns and more. Hunt and skin various animals, boars, wolfs, bears, deers, frogs, spiders. Trade items you find, get a horse, get upgrade. Do whatever it takes, just survive.
Download: None currently available

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