Hellhound Breakthrough 1997

This is a doujin shoot'em up originally developed for the sharp x68000 in 1994. It consists of 5 levels and is basically a Gradius/Salamander clone. You can choose formation type at the beginning of the game, and get power-ups during the game. If you defeat the red enemy you may put out a power capsule. Power up is automatically selected and installed according to the number taken (same as Parodius' auto). The power-up state is displayed in the gauge at the bottom of the screen. It uses two systems of shots of laser (anti-aircraft) / missile (ground) in the same way as Gradius. There are 5 kinds of power up in the air and 3 kinds of power to the ground, select 2 kinds each to use on the select screen. Weapon change - Take capsule of green for missile, take capsule of blue and laser will switch respectively.
Trial Demo (install code=SR004198) serial=BTHHYKNHMK ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 1.1MB (uploaded by Vector)

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