Super Tank Warfare Adventia Astro Port 2012

This a shareware top-down tank arcade game. Players can choose three out of five characters for the mission, each with their own unique weaponry to use when blasting away at enemies. Lucy is selected by default and cannot be swapped out, but she does have the highest HP total out of everyone on the duty roster. Tanya's riot gun fires bullets in a spread while Joyce's Howitzer launches bombs into the enemies' midsts. Frida equips herself with a flamethrower, and Mel's Electric Ball fires a green orb that damages enemy tanks from range. All of these weapons can be upgraded with GP points, which are earned by blowing up tanks and destroying enemy strongholds. There's a possibility of running out of fuel when a mission takes too long to complete, but chances of it happening are slim unless you pick a harder difficulty setting to play with.
Trial Demo 42MB (uploaded by Vector)

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