Vladigame [Sp] Caretas 2000

First computer game on the hunting of the nefarious characters of the Fujimori regime in Peru made by a team of 4 developers. Like Dante's hell, Vladigame de Caretas is a descent into the sewers of Peru's political corruption of the last decade. In his adventure, a small hero named Niko must exterminate any "rat", "snake", "cockroach" and "vermin" that endanger the civic cleanliness of the country. Characters such as the Kouri brothers, Agustín Mantilla, Laura Bozzo, the Winter brothers, Marta Chávez and others are in some of these fancy cybernetic recesses, trying to protect the Fujimori-Montesinos partners' flight. Niko's slogan is: "Never back down, surrender to corruption, never." Peru today begets a true hero: Niko. He is the small-great protagonist of a new and fun game, the "Vladigame". Equipped with a shotgun (its combat ammunition), and a courage that everyone would like to have, this small version of Rambo, of course corrected and enlarged as the occasion deserves, is determined to avenge the democratic honor of his beloved and thrashed Peru. What Superman, what Batman, what Fantastic Twins! The story goes that Niko became a reckless defender of justice one day at the end of the last century, when he heard his parents complain about the crisis, the abuse of human rights and the widespread corruption of President Fujimori and his adviser Montesinos: a plague that had to be exterminated. Your tip is dangerous, and that ... will not allow it.
Spanish ISO Demo 503MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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