TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter 2 / Pro Hunter 2 Monolith Productions / ASC Games, XS Games LLC 1999

From the southern United States to Canada, this offers six varied locations during autumn and winter seasons in which to pursue Whitetail deer from does to a 14-point buck. The travel itinerary includes Milk River, Montana, eastern Alabama, south Texas, Colorado, Iowa, and central Saskatchewan in Canada. It was made by Monolith using its Lithtech engine. Game options include adjustable skill levels (beginner and hunter modes) and various types of games. For hunting Whitetail, you can select the Regular Hunt but Tournament Hunt allows you to hunt progressively harder to find game and acquire access to a .338 rifle and a scope. An outdoor and indoor Shooting Range is provided for practice and a Clay Pigeon shoot allows you to hone your skills at targeting moving objects. Multi-player options include Group Hunt (with messaging capability), a player versus player paintball competition in and around an abandoned warehouse and the ultimate multi-player time-limited Monster Buck Hunt. Multi-player options include both LAN and Internet play. Firearms are designed to reflect realistic tendencies such as ballistic trajectory, knockdown power, accuracy and speed. The arsenal includes three types of rifles (.30-30 lever action, .30-06 bolt action, muzzleloader), three shotguns (10 gauge pump, 20 gauge automatic, 20 gauge double barrel), two pistols (.44 Magnum, .357 Magnum) and two types of bow (longbow, compound). Gear includes field gloves, insulated gloves, field-hiking and pack boots, ball cap or tousle hat, lightweight or insulated hunting suits, four scents (apple, pine, skunk or doe estrogen) and three lures (deer call, antlers and decoy). Other hunting aids such as hand warmers, compass, wind direction meter, body temperature meter, maps and a canteen round out the outfitting possibilities. Whether using a gun scope, binoculars or a tree stand, it offers each player a chance to experience 3D environments, track wounded prey and fill up a 3D trophy room through authentic weather conditions from the comfort of his or her own home.
ISO Demo 313MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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