Triggerun Vulcan / 2axion 2018

This game has an intense gameplay involving a 5v5 match on different maps, with a mix of shooting enemy targets and deploying their side skills and ultra skills for an intense and strategic battle of cooperation to achieve victory. Players can interact with others with exclusive voices and poses for different heroes. Game is currently in OPEN BETA and contains: 15 heroes, 8 maps, 5 modes. There's 4 classes: Offense, Defense, Tank, Support. Each hero has a unique weapon and you can add skins based on ranked points earned in ranked matches. You can then trade these ranked points into exclusive skins for your weapons to grant a special feature. Each map has a different mode and gameplay where players will be challenged to perform as a team to achieve success. The game will launch soon an Individual Deathmatch mode for players that like a FreeForAll mode. A frenetic gameplay with very fast paced combat determined by how smart you play with your team and how do use your special abilities. The fact that the game is lighter improves the quality of gameplay. 5 GAME MODES: Team - A deathmatch game where two teams battle for victory; Control - Capture the objective; Escort - Stop or protect your load from your enemy; Capture - Dispute the control of Base A and B; Arena - Kill all the enemies to win. Game is super light on specs, made to increase the intensity of the gameplay and to include those who did not have access to Hero Shooters. With a good internet connection, you can play and enjoy a very fast paced environment with a regular machine and internet. Buying diamonds: Heroes, Skin, Animated Poses, Avatars/Graffitis; Craft a Weapon for better performance by buying Parts; Decraft an attribute from a weapon to redit; Double XP for both Hero and Account.
Steam Open Beta (uploaded by Steam)

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