Witch Thief Cardboard Keep 2018

Play as the snarky Witch Thief, on her quest to steal all the magic she possibly can. Naturally those who have the magic don't want to give it up so she does what she does best. That is, kicking in the front door and taking it all anyway. Dodge duck and weave through terrifyingly intricate patterns of magical projectiles as you seek the greatest treasure of all. The Ancient and powerful Grimoire. Features: Unique Bullet-Hell Perspective - Unlike other Shmups, this gives you control of a full 3D camera. Rather than the classic birds eye view, you will witness bullet hell from a whole new perspective; Dodge intricate bullet patterns - Terrifyingly intricate storms of bullets will rain down as you journey on your quest. Study, learn and apply your dodging skills to outmaneuver the incoming perils. Touching even one bullet will kill you - so beware. Unlock a range of quirky playable characters - Choose to play one of many Witches. Experience fresh new dialogue, different bosses and unique spells to achieve their goals.Each character has unique spells and dialogue, and may encounter different and challenging bosses on their path to the Grimoire. Musical tracks - A fully original soundtrack, accompanying you on your perilous journey to the Grimoire. Each character and stage has a unique theme that captures and plays upon their essence. Battle Relentless Bosses - Your path is not an easy one. Face insane bosses, wielding great magical power and unleashing torrents of complex bullet patterns. They will stop at nothing to protect the Grimoire. Unravel a world of mystery - As you explore and overcome every stage of the game learning more about the world first from the perspective of the Witch Thief, but later as many other unlockable characters you will experience new perspectives of the story. Accessibility options - Everyone should be able to have fun and play games. We’re always striving to help people play and include these features to help out. Rebindable keys: Nothing is worse than a control scheme that doesn’t work for you. It’s controls can be rebound across keyboard, mouse and controller. We love our stylized fonts, but we want you to know what’s going on. A dyslexic font option is available for all in-game text. Difficulty ranges: Not everyone wants the hardest difficulty. It ranges from practically no combat “Chill” mode to the extreme “Insanity” mode which increases both bullet counts and speed. Oh you only get one life there too.
Download: None currently available

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