Tomb Raider Gold: Unfinished Business Core Design / Eidos 1998

The gold edition contains 4 additional levels. The first two make up "Shadow Of The Cat". In this, one must find the concealed temple of an Old-Egyptian divinity in the town Khamoon and obtain the statue of the cat. Both other levels are called "Unfinished Business" and in them one returns to Atlantis and there Lara attempts to turn away an alien invasion.
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Level Demo Software+3Dfx Versions 6MB ( @
Full Demo 12MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
Free install on GOG or Steam
Full Demo ~15MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo 99MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Include in Tomb Raider Gold (98) ISO Demo CD1 Tomb Raider ~368MBCD2 Unfinished Business ~525MB (upped by Trey)
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