Navyblue and the Spectrum Killers Hyper Combo Studio 2018

Challenge your skills in this new action-platformer adventure. Jump, Shoot and Dash throughout the city choosing which crisis to solve first as you gain new powers and make a few allies along the way. Fight your way through legions of evil robots and thugs as you try to save the world. Navyblue is a star hero of Metromega, the most advanced, and now secure, place in the world. Bound to a near omnipotent power called the Blueforce, he's been thrown in the career of vigilante and achieved to put every villain behind bars, except one. But what happens when an evil scientist devices a way to even the playing field? Doom has arrived and it's up to you to save the day. Bolstered by a dangerous new weapon, several notorious villains have banded together. Collect new suit designs throughout the city. Acquire powerful new weapons by defeating super villains. Explore the various districts of Metromega as you try to save them from destruction.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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