Huge Enemy: Worldbreakers Huge Enemy Production, Plug In Digital 2018

This is a side-scrolling Shootem'Em Up that takes place in a rich environment designed in Full HD. Immerse yourself in a Dark Sci-Fi universe with Japanese influences. Fight huge bosses on multiple fields of depth. Escape from bullets and enemies by using the dodge action. Perform paybacks and regenerate your life-bar by absorbing your opponent's energy. Use your joypad's twinstick or play with your mouse and keyboard to move freely and shoot anywhere on the screen. Content: Eleven playable levels including two survival challenges and a speedrun; Longplay; Fourteen animated end-level bosses; Up to 25 000 ennemies displayed by level; Quantities of pyrotechnic effects for shots and explosions; High definition "Pixel Art" for a modern and very detailed design. Gameplay: Dodge into the background to avoid bullets and ennemies; Shoot into the foreground and also into the background; Payback function, perform dazzling counter-strikes when hit; Reshield to regenerate your life while fighting bosses. Master your flight skills in the training room. Tactics: Define your style by choosing an offensive or defensive payback; Chose your tactic in the Dashboard before any level and before any boss encounter. Gear: Chose between two different kind of spaceships; Four weapons available and upgradable to five levels; Use three Mega Weapons anytime; Enhance your weapons by collecting money and spending it at any checkpoint. Music: Twenty two original and intense tracks for more than sixty minutes of listening; Each level has his own musical signature with styles melting electro-rock, jazz and symphonic music; Spatial sound effects for a better control of fightings. Incentives: Unlock twenty Steam successes to win avatars and more game money; Replay the levels to strengthen your arsenal; Play the game in hard mode to discover hidden elements; Compete with other players by marking your name on the Online Leaderboard.
Download: None currently available

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