Piranha (cancelled) Reakktor Media 1999

This is an action submarine sim from the developers who later went on to make Neocron. The prototype was based on a proprietary engine and a presentable demo was made to present to possible publishers but the project was ultimately cancelled before a full game was made. The player assumes the role of a UN Navy officer, who has to defend himself against pirates with his Piranha Attack Sub, a submarine prototype. These threaten the underwater colonies of the earth, which were built by humans as a last resort against environmental disasters and chaos. During the game you will find out that a mysterious source of energy plays a crucial role, the secret of which must be further clarified. Features: State-of-the-art 3D engine; 40 non-linear missions; unique underwater scenario; continuous storyline; 2 versions, on CD and DVD; 30 minute FMV sequences (full screen, on DVD in MPEG quality); scalable hardware requirements; Multiplayer support; Support of all 3D maps; Real time light sources (RT-Lightsourcing); Dynamic Enviromental Lightning; Mip mapping.
Prototype Demo fixed to work on modern o/s 3.67MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Prototype Demo 2.6MB (uploaded by AG.ru)

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