Zeal Lycanic Studios 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: 2019 Zeal is an action RPG developed by an indie team of game developers that focuses on competitive PvP and revolves around customizable builds and teamplay. Pick your class, create your own build and prepare to slay your enemies while defending your allies. You'll experience the thrills of fast-paced third-person PvP where your smallest decision counts as a huge difference towards achieving victory when executing strategies quickly. Precision is key - Zeal's targeting system is different than similar games before it. Denying target locking for most abilities, successfully landing your arrows, spells, swings or even healing abilities will determine if you'll be the survivor of the bloodbath. It does not come with pre-defined characters with limited variety. In fact, it is all about building your own character through base classes that offer unique identity possibilities waiting for you to explore. Choose your abilities, decide which stats are important for you and utilize passive masteries of your taste to reach the ultimate customization that differs you from any other player. 7 Classes are available for Pre-Alpha and 15 are planned for release. Last but not least, Zeal offers a gameplay that involves absolutely 0 minutes of grinding required. You can jump into the action without having to run errands in a village and you can be equally strong with everyone in terms of raw power without having to slay a dragon. Though you might slay it in the future, for cosmetic purposes. It is also safe to say, since this project is by the players - for the players, Zeal will never include a pay to win advantage of any form.
Steam Pre-Alpha Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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