Zero Killed Ignibit 2018

Early Access Release Welcome to Zone Zero. A region once flourishing and vibrant, now devastated and deserted. The day Perunium – a previously unknown, superconductive element ­– was discovered in the area, marked the fast and inevitable collapse of the entire territory. Once the governments and corporations were done extracting this new source of income, they evacuated all civilians and closed the region, declaring it neutral. Life abhors a vacuum, however, so it didn't take long for the first illegal miners to appear – and it took even less time for a quiet war between the main economic powers to start. Scavengers who remained in the Zone started calling themselves "Zeros": people whose lives are a dime a dozen, their deaths not even counted as casualties. A few years later, only professional Zeros remain in the Zone – people who have abandoned their past and broke any contact with former employers. You take the role of one of them. You are one of the Zeros. Think, plan, execute, repeat - Just like real life special forces teams, it focuses heavily on cooperation and communication. Both are key elements required to adapt and respond to the destructible environment. This means that being successful in combat will require planning ahead, foreseeing the opposite team's next move, tactical thinking, and accurately analyzing the situation on the battlefield before deciding who from your squad should do the next move or what piece of equipment to use. You get to choose between 10 completely different characters. Each with their own loadout, a unique gadget, and a unique perk. All designed to make sure there's something setting them apart and make them special in their own way. Features: 4 Vs. 4 Multiplayer Gameplay; 10 completely different characters to choose from, all with unique gadgets, equipment, perks, and personalities; 4 game modes; Data Steal; Domination; Hunt; Tournament; 3 Unique Locations; Nuclear; Suburbs; Sewers. Traverse the world without teleporting including sprinting, climbing a ladder or sliding down a rope. Our motion sickness free technology will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game world, without the risk of your enemy teleporting out of nowhere and attacking you from behind. Loads of equipment and gadgets that can be used to gain an advantage over the opposing team. Grenades, mines, sonar, explosives, hand cameras, and more. Real life interactions with the environment and objects. The enemy throws a grenade your way? Throw it back. Your team mate under heavy fire and out of ammo? Toss him your spare magazine. Do all you'd normally do on a regular battlefield. Realistic weapons behavior, including recoil, damage model, and obstacle penetration. Destructible environment. Doors blocking your way or your enemy using a wooden cover to hide? Smash them, blow them up, or crash through them. And don't forget to duck, cover, and keep moving to avoid getting hit. Just like you would in real life. Tagging system – crucial to victory on the battlefield. Remember that knowing your enemy's position gives you a big advantage and greatly increases your chance of victory.
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