Bardo Apache 2018

Early Access Release Trapped in the void between death and rebirth, embody the essence of a Tibetan archer and confront hordes of reanimated and corrupt Tsen spirits. Built exclusively for VR, this is a fast-paced, atmospheric action game offering the most satisfying and challenging archery experience to date. Step inside a world suspended - Inspired by the grand Buddhist monasteries of Tibet and the stunning vistas of the Himalayas, experience a breathtaking world dripping with mystery and intrigue. Master sleek bow mechanics that were painstakingly crafted to offer players an industry-leading level of control and precision. This represents the finest and most responsive archery experience available in VR. Command the passage of time - Your bow possesses the power to suspend time as you draw, but your ability is limited. Use it wisely to gain a decisive advantage amid the tense and fast-paced action.
Download: None currently available

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