Galactic Shipwright NanoidGames 2018

Design the right ship to succeed Every level in this game has unique challenges and your task is to build the best or funniest ships to accomplish the missions. On some levels, you have to navigate through asteroid or gravity fields, while on others, you have to transfer passengers between stations. In this game, the ships are not the usual boring rigid machineries. They have some flexibility, so you might want to design your ship to achieve structural integrity, because you can easily lose a part of the ship if you don't build them stable enough. For further fun, the game has servos so you can build shape shifting ships, too. Energy is everything - you do not need any fuel or ammunition, but you need to place batteries and power plants into your ships. Make sure that they are carefully placed because if you lose a module, you will lose its capability. For example, shields are one of the hungriest energy modules in the game right now, but don't worry, you can turn them on and off, one by one. This way, you can pump all your energy into the front shield if you don't need to worry about your back. If you want to control time, you can change the speed of passing time as you like.
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