Gunners Broom B-Room 1998

Amazing side-scrolling hentai shooter reminiscent of Cotton. Great parallax scrolling and nice speed. Cool character design and pleasant use of colors. Mixing genres is an often risky exercise, especially when it comes to two schools as far apart as the horizontal shooter and the RPG: yet it is the gamble of this game. The heroine of the game is a little kitten riding a broom, in the Cotton or Mystic Riders style, using elemental magic to defeat the bad guys. The shooting is excellent, in a style "big sprite " quite typical of a certain dojin scene (with games like Gundemonium). The graphics are very fine and cute, with each level a theme marked and treated with care. The general atmosphere is very funny: the enemies have faces not possible, bosses make grimaces, grow idiotic cries, etc. A bushy armament helps to get rid of the critters encountered in its path: 6 weapons to select (fire, wind, nature, water, stone and a basic frontal ), each with 3 levels of power, supported by a wide range of objects accessible by a small menu (bombs, shields, power ups and various bonuses). It is with this menu, and the contemplation of the control panel under the play area, that the entry into the RPG begins. The game manages, among other things, a system of experience ("level up"), A currency, and even the fatigue of the heroine: too tired, he will have to make a jump to the hostel. Between each level of shooting appears a good old map seen from above, with places on which we can walk. To unlock the next level of shoot, you have to talk to the different characters on the map. Some characters are simple suppliers (such as the innkeeper or the saleswoman who will exchange bonuses and smart bombs against small change) but others advance the story, through dialogues to select. The game is 100% in Japanese, but the choices are rarely more than two: good pressure is enough 9 times out of 10 to advance. On the map screen it is also possible (another trait borrowed from the RPG) to save you game, recording the progress, the time, the playing time and the amount of money possessed. The progression does not seem to be really linear, it is thus possible to make the levels in the disorder, or to meet characters in different places. Small static scenes mark the advance in history, but not only that ... it has a good package of hentai scenes. The bosses (systematically beautiful ladies) defeated are shown in positions uh ... unequivocally. Visiting certain places at certain times can also give unexpected encounters, such as madams fingering in the shower or other. The difficulty is well measured, the levels are fast and well animated. The villains of end of level are very scripted, but also very fast, the first passages are not always obvious, effect of surprise obliges. It's very endearing, well done, rich in detail, with good gameplay.
Full Demo 49MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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