Operation Lone Wolf Operation Games 2018

Early Access Release This is a multiplayer first person shooter, set in the second World War. You can play with up to 10 players, in different free for all game modes. At the moment this game has 9 of them, including: standard free for all, gun game, sniper, shotgun and pistol-only, a realistic, no HUD mode and more. You can choose from a wide variety of weapons, from 5 different categories. By playing with a weapon, you get upgrade points for that specific weapon, to improve your weapon statistics. For certain weapons you can buy optics or silencers. You can also buy weapon skins in the shop, when you have reached player level 3. Skins, weapons and weapon attachments can only be bought with in-game money. There are also 18 different perks to choose from, to make your character the way you want. Playing well will be rewarded with kill-streaks, like a radar, a bomber plane or a bomb you can control falling down on the map. Also, the higher your kill-streak is, the stronger your soldier will get. For example faster sprint speed, and a little bit more health. You can play on 10 different maps, set on all kinds of different locations. It has small and fast paced maps, and big, more open maps for a little bit more tactical gameplay, so there are many gameplay options available for the players. This game is not trying to be a realistic representation of WW2, but more of an arcade, fast paced version of it, in which having fun is the main goal. Post launch updates like new maps, new gamemodes etc. will all be free, and there are no in-game purchases or lootboxes in Operation Lone Wolf. You can also play offline with bots, to test your skills and improve in the game, or play without an internet connection. Features: different free for all gamemodes; Smooth and responsive gunplay; In-depth progression system (weapon unlocks and upgrades, perk unlocks, challenges, weapon skins, etc.); Powerfull kill-streaks, and getting stronger the higher your streak is; Play offline with bots, where all weapons and perks are unlocked to test out; Easy to use server browser, setup or join games as fast as possible; Dedicated servers (Check 'Servers' for all current locations); In-game anti-cheat system.
Download: None currently available

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