Pratagon Domoskanov Evgeny / Gurova IAna 2018

MOBA shooter. Five heroes, two lines with creeps and towers, one forest with neutral monsters. Target: destroy enemy base. Features: Headshots; Homing bullets; Shoot down enemy bullets; Teleporters for greater gameplay dynamics; Neutral monsters with advanced intelligence; Rune of random ability; Flight. Leveling: Stats - health, damage, attack speed, health regeneration and energy consumption; Modifiers of attack - restoration of health from the damage, critical damage, splash damage, micro stunning. Ultimate abilities: Stun Shot - damage, stun ( one enemy ); Stun Bomb - damage, stun ( all enemies in area ). More enemies - greater damage; Laser Shot - damage ( all enemies in the line of fire ); Vacuum Bomb - damage, stun ( all enemies in area ). Greater collision speed - greater damage and stun time; Teleport Shot - damage, slow ( all enemies in area ). Greater height of the fall - greater damage. Runes fall out from a neutral monsters: random skill, double damage, increased attack speed, health regeneration, gold.
Download: None currently available

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