Panzer Combat II witmannmichael 2012

This is a unique multi-player game using voice and a webcam-enabled computer to play a mini wargame of World War II tank combat. You fire by placing a webcam behind the aiming unit. From there, the distance to the target is computed using computer vision. Action inside the tanks, on the other hand, is performed on the computer screen while battlefield strategy is played on the miniature terrain. Cool, right? Each of both camps can start the game on a java enabled tablet. What do you need to play? Miniature tanks of course! And a gaming terrain. The game is suitable for different scales as distances are expressed in distance units. A distance unit corresponds to the length of a medium tank like the Sherman tank, or 5 meters in real world. You will find some free paper tank models available to download.
Free Game v6.75 21MB (uploaded by Source Forge)

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