Galactic Bulwark Strike Josep G. Camarasa 2018

This is a small game that was made in spare time with lots and lots of love. Expect a fun, run-based game perfect to play in short sessions. Can be speedrun. It's harder than it looks. It's a physics-based mix of shoot'em up and arkanoid, an arcade score-chasing game. Spend your earned score points to upgrade your powerups. Come back each day to participate in the 5-minute daily challenges and measure yourself against others. Easy to learn, really hard to master. Features: Awesome Synth/Retro a e s t h e t i c; Really unique enemies; 3 Bulwark bosses; 9 powerups which can be upgraded, including Kinetic Gun, Homing Missiles, Electric Ball, Wall Lasers; Many artifacts that will make each run diferent; Feats/achievements that make you approach the game in many different ways; High-score and speedrun leaderboards.
Download: None currently available

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