Vladigame 2 [Sp] Caretas 2001

Those who believed that only the United States saw at the same time as a potential danger to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and FARC leader Tirofijo are wrong. The two are also a threat to continental justice, according to the creators of the Vladigame, a popular Peruvian computer game. In Vladigame 2, the threat continues. Niko, a child hero armed with an arsenal of honesty and courage and a beautiful journalist, in search of the truth, join in an all-out fight to defeat a trilogy of enemies of justice. This trilogy is completed by the duo composed by former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, a refugee in Jaón, and his former intelligence adviser Vladimiro Montesinos, currently in the hands of Peruvian justice. In this second version of the game of political fiction, apart from Vladimon (Montesinos) who is a central character in the first game, he plays a starring role Chavemon (alluding to Hugo Chávez), who according to a section of the Peruvian press offered protection to Montesinos In Venezuela. Tirofijon also appears in clear reference to Manuel Marulanda, septuagenarian leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In the computer game, the anti-corruption duo must face Chavemon in the first levels, who protects Vladimon and who speaks a lot. While Niko fights against Chavemon, the cool one, a journalist joins him and manages to capture Vladimon. Chavemon insists with several speeches before many journalists so that the capture is not conjured, but in the end the shots of the balls of honesty and value of Niko manage to twist their opposition, advanced Fernando Gonzales, manager of the company marketing the game. In his anticorruption journey, Niko changes landscape and fights in the Colombian jungle against Tirofijon, who waits for him at the head of his Farcmon troop. Meanwhile, Niko passes plains, thick jungles, press conferences and listens to long political speeches his balls of honesty manage to break the strength of his adversaries. In one of the last stages, Niko turns Vladimon into Vladi and with his mediation he hands him over to the Peruvian Justice, so that the public entity finishes destroying his spirit of corruption.
Spanish ISO Demo 284MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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