Time Warpers Proton Studio Inc. 2018

This is what's called an 'incremental game'. There's always a fun upgrade to look forward to, and the numbers keep getting bigger. Collect gold, upgrade your weapons & teammates, and even join up with other players in the world as you defeat the enemies & get stronger. All of your favorite things from Time Clickers: Time Cubes, Active Abilities, Maximum Damage & Research (aka Artifacts) are back and better than ever. Swift & Smooth Movement - Dash, double jump & bunnyhop your way through the zones. Weapon Customization - Want a rocket that shoots cluster bombs? A rifle with bouncing bullets? Or your very own light show using your pulse pistol's lasers? Collect perks and customize your weapons the way you want. Multiplayer - Team up with friends and other players in the world to quickly destroy waves of enemies. You have the choice; go further together or faster alone. Hoverbike - Drives itself through the world so you can idle or focus on upgrading. Overpowered - Get stronger & instantly wipe out an entire horde of enemies. Progression - Explore thousands of zones spread across multiple unique planets, which one is your favorite? Unlocked Framerate - Take advantage of your PC with the uncapped framerate option.
Download: None currently available

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