Zap, Blast, Loot David Williamson 2018

Early Access Release In the far reaches of space on asteroid 624-VL a mining facility has fallen silent. Your squad of rough, tough, gun-toting marines is sent to investigate. Has the facility fallen prey to a band of deep space raiders, or is something more sinister occurring on asteroid 624-VL? This is a procedurally generated twin-stick arcade-shooter. Fight your way through nine procedurally generated levels in four zones. Collect weapons and equipment to help you in your mission. Pit yourself against a large array of aliens, robots, beasts, and worse. But most of all find those credits, after all a marine needs to get paid. Every play-through is different and there are multiple endings to find. Features: Up to 4-player local co-op; A huge array weapons and equipment to find and use; Procedural levels with multiple paths and endings; Bosses. Plenty of bosses; Permadeath; Zapping! Blasting!! Looting!!!
Download: None currently available

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