Star Wars II Gimminuk's (Hitel ID 00770) 1994

This is an unofficial Star Wars inspired shmup from South Korea. The Chaos forces attacked for 103 years when a huge meteorite came toward Earth. Because of that, there was no more life on Earth. So the search for a star in the same condition as the Earth begins. A few months later, a report came to find the Second District, but there was an intelligent creature living there. Now the battle has begun. It's a public shooting game that was uploaded to the domestic network. It's similar to 1942, and the graphics are quite gorgeous. You can play alone or with a friend, choosing the most liked of the five proposed ships (X-Wing, Y-Wing and other familiar). All of them have simply amazing firepower, firing simultaneously with lasers (or similar) and rockets (including homing ones) with an infinite ammunition, and also have a super-weapon for which you need to pick up charges. Opponents are also spacecraft acquaintances in the series of films or very similar to them, differing in the manner of attacks and behavior. It is interesting that the health scales are not provided, but we are not killed by any attack: first, the ship may start to smoke, but over time this will pass: apparently, regeneration takes place. But only one drop-down bonus - an additional charge for a super-weapon, since its own fire power increases due to the increase in level as the enemies are destroyed; The progress of the experience is displayed at the bottom right.
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