Zombotron series Anton Karlov 2011

In this platform shooter the player guides a lone biobot killing zombies, robots and skeletons that infest the desolate planet Zombotron. Apart from the standard actions (running, jumping and shooting) the game makes use of basic physics, which allow for blowing up obstacles or dropping boxes on enemies. Killed enemies drop ammo and also money, which can be used to buy better weapons (like a grenade launcher or machine gun), ammo or armor. The game offers ten missions and a list of achievements. The game incorporates an in-game tutorial (in a form of hints). Zombotron II (2012) This is a platform shooter in which you need to kill zombies, spiders, robots, skeletons and boss units. It is the sequel to Zombotron. After your ship crashed you search for a way to get of the planet. The basic actions you can make are run, jump and attack. Killed enemies drop money, weapons and ammo. The money can be used to buy weapons (mainly guns and a sword/machete ), ammo or armor that come gradually available. The game offers sixteen missions and a list of achievements. In some levels you can drive a car with a gun and race to the end of the map. The game incorporates an in-game walkthrough. Zombotron 2: Time Machine (2013) Major and eagerly awaited expansion, Time Machine brings several improvements including some visible right from the start: First graphics have been refined and it is now possible to play in full screen instead of 640x480; then you will start with an automatic assault rifle with a firing rate much higher than the gun of Zombotron 2, giving the game a faster pace in the opening minutes. The game also features a better built story, many vehicles as well as the appearance of an ally with whom you will be working together to advance in the game. It's a great success and promises many hours to kill zombies.
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