VR Furballs: Demolition Gamily Studios 2018

This is the VR physics-based demolition puzzle game you were waiting for. Help our cute Furballs deliver all their furry friends by demolishing the evil Baddies and their constructions. Unlock the 12 Tools and 6 Mini-games for even more fun. Create new levels in the Level Editor. Features: Unreal Engine 4 physics engine based demolition; 54 unique Levels; 9 playable Furballs with their special abilities; 6 Weapons; 6 Accessories; 6 Mini-games; Take Photos and Selfies in 5 colorful Environments; Toggle the Bullet time for a few seconds; Play as a Giant or Tiny Furball; Build your own levels in the Level Editor; Per Mini-game/Level and per Weapon Achievements and Leaderboards. You will meet these cute and adorable creatures that are the Furballs. You will also meet these evil Baddies. You will unlock Weapons along the way: slingshot; sporting equipment - Tennis Racket, Baseball Bat and Golf Club; gun that will greatly help you defeat King Baddy; controllers; head. You will also unlock Accessories: radar, drones, camera, bullet time, mushrooms - pink to make you small, blue for big. Mini-Games: shooting range, hit the bomb, whack-a--mole, basketball, goblet toss, balloon fest. Level Editor will be unlocked once you finish the game, after the celebration following the defeat of King Baddy. Follow the instructions on the table in the Construction area. The upload function will come later. Achievements and leaderboards - Finishing the levels with the Slingshot was easy? Getting the 3 Stars of all the levels wasn't challenging enough? Then try to finish the levels using only one weapon. Oh and don't forget... the Controllers are a weapon, and your Head is a weapon. And if you like fame, try to keep your name in as many Leaderboards as you can.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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