Starsiege: Tribes Dynamix / Sierra 1998

This is actually from the Earthsiege series of multiplayer games of Dynamix/Sierra (long before UT or Quake3). Nevertheless, here the races fight for lack of better equipment not with Mechs, but in battle armor. The missions play outside and on account of the equipment it is also possible to fly. Every equipment has different strengths and weaknesses, light ones permit more agility and longer flights than the heavy ones which can take more damage. Also different vehicles can be used which is also necessary due to the large areas. Hostile vehicles and plane hulls can be destroyed and be taken over even. In Germany it was not successful, because at the time of its appearance no internet connection was affordable. Tactics is a must, the quickest and most precise shooters working alone will not compete against a good team. Big changes can be achieved by the automatic protectors which guard your team as well. A player as commander can select best routes and assignments to give. As in Counter-Strike weapon purchases was later taken up. While not a major commercial success, this game was also very influential. Supporting large numbers of players, vehicles, wide-open landscapes and innovative movement mechanics provided by the jetpack all players spawned with, Tribes can be considered the ancestor of many modern multiplayer-focused shooters including Battlefield 1942 and contributed greatly to the creation of the massively multiplayer FPS genre (including World War II Online and PlanetSide). Before the release of Tribes 3: Vengeance, the first 2 Tribes games were released as freeware. On Oct 30/2015, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tribes franchise, Hi-Rez Studios released the whole series as freeware.
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Level Demo ~25MB ( @
Hi-Resolution Textures
Freeware Full Demo ~135MB ( @ Abandonia Reloaded)
Proper ISO Demo ~396MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Full Demo v1.41 154MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Free Downloads (4 different configs) on Discord (uploaded by PlayTribes)

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