Gamble of Gods Mighty Papaya, ESAT 2018

This is an Isometric Shooter with exploration, puzzles and a cartoon aesthetic whose strong point is the frantic action and an immersive and funny narrative. The player will use the different abilities granted by the gods to make his way between enemies, and make it through the various traps and puzzles that comprise the pyramid. Each year, while the mortal world is oblivious to it, the gods of ancient civilizations celebrate a reality show in which a champion, chosen at random from among humans, must pass a series of tests without even being aware of participating in a Divine Reality Show. Peter Buttinson, an insignificant security guard, frustrated with his work at the Natural History Museum in London, has been awarded the golden ticket in a box of cereals, and the prize is to visit the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Upon reaching the pyramid he discovers Anubis and Bastet, in charge of organizing the tournament. They present him with the challenge of crossing the pyramid and reaching the deepest part of it, and in return, they will grant him the wish he wants. Without informing him that he is really going to be a simple puppet in the scheme they have set up. Peter, who dreams of being a true adventurer, accepts the challenge without hesitation. Although the two gods had worked out this plan together, they disagreed on only one thing: Bastet believed that it was perfectly possible for a human to succeed in crossing the entire pyramid, while Anubis believed otherwise. So, Bastet will help Peter by giving him a powerful bracelet that he can use to invoke some of the powers of the goddess. On the contrary, Anubis will try by all means to prevent Peter from successfully completing the tests and leaving the Great Pyramid. Will he be able to reach a place on the podium of heroes?
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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