Geneshift: Complete Edition Nik Nak Studios 2018

This provides extra content without giving unfair pay to win advantages in the main Battle Royale mode. It includes a full singleplayer campaign, online co-op, 5 extra PvP game modes, cosmetic unlocks, quality of life improvements and more. Full Campaign (Solo & Co-op): Play through the tongue-in-cheek storyline, either solo or with up to 4 friends online. 5x Faster Cash Unlock Rate: Save yourself some time by unlocking Battle Royale items 5x faster than usual. 5 Additional PvP Game Modes: Play Conquest, Capture the Flag, Checkpoint Racing, Deathmatch, and Zombie Survival. Create Permanent Skill Builds: Gain experience and create complex, permanent skill builds for the above game modes. +50 Credits for Cosmetic Unlocks: Unlock sexy cosmetics like bandanas, capes, vehicle decals, lightsabers and more. Gold Medallion on your Name: Show your support with a gold star next to your name in chat and leaderboards. Ability to Play Leaderboards: Compete on leaderboards and speedruns in both PvP modes and the campaign. Join Custom Weapon Servers: Play servers with modded weapons that are wacky, wild, and completely unbalanced.
Download: None currently available

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