Hunter's Moon: The Return Ovine by Design 2008

This is a fan remake of a 1987 Commoder 64 game Hunter's Moon. The worker cells are indestructible but the bricks dropped by them can be temporarily destroyed using the ship’s weapon. The goal of the game is to collect enough star cells contained inside the cities to get to the next level. We even managed to include the “PAUSE MODE” where you create a psychedelic screensaver. A lonely space navigator called Psychoblaster is aboard a futuristic spacecraft baptized "The hunter". Due to an error in the control system, Psycho ends up in a black hole that projects it directly into an area of ​​unknown space. The intrepid pilot, after making a thorough analysis of the area concludes that the only way to return home is to incorporate into the Hunter the small vortices in the vicinity of the ship. In doing so, level after level, he will be able to make small leaps in space until he finally finds the area he knows. But our hero has to deal with a strange organic presence present in large quantities in that distant place. This living substance, which can take different forms, tends to surround every source of energy and so we will find it around our ship and, even worse, around the stellar vortices necessary for our return. Hunter's lasers are able to disperse these barriers only momentarily as they quickly regenerate themselves quickly following a precise loop frequency.
Free Game 14MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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