Biobombers Javier Asensi Perez / Epsilon Soft 1994

Mixing genres is always an experiment, although there are things that are so close to each other that you just want to cross them. For example, virtual shooting gallery and Paratrooper, as is the case with the Spanish game Biobombers. So, we control the gun, which is located at the bottom of the screen, on the surface of the planet, and can move horizontally. Our goal is to conduct aimed fire from a laser cannon at the advancing three flying aliens and protect our home planet. But we will have to shoot not just in a certain direction, but exactly where the cursor-sight is pointing at the moment: everything that passes through the beam on the way will remain unharmed - bear this in mind. If it becomes very unbearable, then you can launch a rocket that destroys all the enemies on the screen, but the number of such projectiles is extremely limited and is being replenished very slowly. Opponents are divided into several types, both externally and aggressively: for example, flying eyes will attack very rarely, but they appear in large numbers with each wave, and among them there are owners of a very large amount of health, not outwardly different from their fellows. Next, we will meet more agile and more often shooting little aliens, bombers, and then bosses, which will not be easy to cope with. After all, we initially have only three lives, and although they can be replenished when we collect a certain number of points given out for the destruction of opponents, we die the first time, and there are no bonuses that could make life easier. Externally, the game looks great: VGA-graphics in the resolution of 320x200 allows you to display colorful and large sprites of enemies.
Full Demo 362kb (uploaded by

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