Mavericks Automaton Games 2018

Early Access Release A MMO shooter, in which the players participate in PvP multiplayer matches. The title features varied game modes, including a Battle Royale mode for up to four hundred players. The game is cloud-based. The players participate in multiplayer battles fought on large, sandbox maps. The title features an advanced simulation of the world – it includes dynamic weather conditions, living ecosystem, blood trails left on the surroundings and fires that can spread in real time. The game also features survival traits and an advanced character development system. In addition to battles in which up to one thousand players can participate simultaneously, the game features a battle royale module for up to four hundred players. The battles in the latter are fought on a map that has the size of a dozen square kilometers. The fights are focused on character development and communication with the community. The winner is the player that is the last man standing. It's powered by CryEngine. This enabled the developers to obtain high quality of graphics. The title also uses SpatialOS technology developed by Improbable. It enabled the creators to fully utilize the engine and servers through a cloud technology. Thanks to that, the above-mentioned complex simulation of the virtual environment was possible.
Download: None currently available

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