Jets'n'Guns 2 Rake in Grass 2018

Early Access Release The universe is under a terrible threat again. Unknown powerful entity from another dimension entered our reality and started to wipe out all sentient life. The divided nations of the galaxy are unable to take action. It's up to you, the bravest and finest pilot in the galaxy to face the enemy alone and prevail against overwhelming odds. This is a story driven space shooter with insane level of action and destruction, legions of enemies, tons of weapons and freedom of ship building like in no other game before. Go on an extraordinary quest across time and space to save the universe from destruction. Enjoy wild story of epic proportion in a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Signature destruction from Jets'n'Guns is back and radically improved. Handcrafted levels are full of stuff to vandalize. Tear through space stations and whole cities on your way to victory. Nowhere else will you get access to arsenal of this magnitude and variety. The game will offer constant flow of new exciting weapons as you progress throughout the campaign. Variability of items will be unprecedented - many of them with bizarre effects that support nontraditional play styles. Complexity of ship builds will rival RPG games. We aim to create endless gameplay and replayability with ever growing difficulty, to test the true limit of player's abilities. AND MASU IS BACK. Hell yeah, Machinae Supremacy will provide brand new hard rockin' face meltin' nut crackin' soundtrack for the game. Please note that the game at this stage contains only 4 levels with 4 bosses and handful of items. The game is fully playable, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.
Download: None currently available

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