X-Guard BWM Software / Modern Games 2001

This is a revised version of Polaris Rebellion. Klaus Hartmann and Roland M. decided to refine their creation, and with a group of several other developers. It has the same fifteen levels with bosses after every fifth; all the same types of weapons (missiles, bombs, satellites) that can be purchased before the stages - even the prices are the same. The same password system, and the model of our airplane remained the same. Actually, the gameplay has not undergone any changes: the same furious action with a bunch of enemies is waiting for us. There are not many differences. First, the developers made their small videos after every fifth stage - there are now even the names of the star systems where our ship flies to. Secondly, the backgrounds of the planets, where we have to fight: on the first ten levels, it is completely black without any hint of the surface. It could be considered a space, but how can we explain the presence of buildings that we can destroy and get points for which we need so much (this is the in-game currency)? Only the last five stages to be carried out over the surface of the planet. And thirdly - the enemies. There are no original and memorable ones among them: numerous variants of flying ships, turrets, and also something similar to tanks. Both games have an inflated complexity, and in order to pass them, it is necessary to save money from the first level for a more powerful weapon. You should not save on first-aid kits and nuclear explosions (when everyone on the screen dies). Some bonuses can be picked up at levels. The F1 key invokes the help menu, from which you can find out the purpose of the buttons on the keyboard (you cannot change it); The mouse does not participate in the game process. Since both games have the same engine, the graphics in X-Guard has not changed and is nothing outstanding: nondescript backgrounds and unsightly buildings, even the explosions are somehow haphazardly implemented. Right during the slaughter, you can switch the melodies in the game.
ISO Demo 399MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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