Mogura 2 Krobon Station 2008

This sequel to the acclaimed cute 'em up exuded a level of polish the original was never able to achieve. The art style had matured quite a bit and could easily hold it down against the Parodius games it so admired. More importantly, the gameplay evolved in a few key ways. The sequel introduced a second playable character, Jirou (once an identical clone for the second player), with Gradius-like "option" pods that follow him around. Both gets a standard shield which can be activated using the X key. Hold the Z key to shoot, and tap the C key to initiate a special attack. Press the left control key to change the way your weapon operates. A tutorial can be accessed from the main menu by selecting the third option. The second offers a difficulty setting. After picking a character, you can choose to either start from the first level or continue from the last stage attempted. Further evidence of the strengthening Gradius influence came in the form of a "Control" button like the one used in Gradius V. For Jirou, this allowed the player to aim his options in any direction (just like the Type 4 mode). Tarou could use it to narrow his 360 degree fire to a more focused frontal spread fire. This helped to add a much needed layer of technique to the simple, sometimes too-easy gameplay of its predecessor.
Free Game 6.4MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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