Tunnel Rats / 1968 Tunnel Rats Replay Studios / Boll AG 2009

1968 Tunnel Rats is set during the Vietnam War in 1968 in a small valley of the Cu Chi district in South Vietnam and tells the story of a young Tunnel Rat, who has watched his whole squad be captured and tortured to death in front of him before his own fortunate escape.
At one side of the valley is the main Vietcong base, where the player starts; at the other is the US base. Most of the valley is full of dense jungle, with occasional clearings, some Vietcong villages and a stream. Napalm attacks and fire have caused heavy devastation in various places. GIs are losing the war in this area and the valley is full of evidence of US battles lost; US fighters and Hueys that have been shot down.
Also, the valley is undermined by a complex tunnel system where not only the Vietcong live, but also use it as an underground highway to get around. Here, the player will not only battle against the Vietcong, but also against the extremely claustrophobic surroundings of those narrow, pitch-black tunnels.
Both, the jungle surface and tunnel systems, are full of traps, from whip and pit traps, to the more deadly grenade, water and GI booby traps.
1968 Tunnel Rats is a first-person shooter, combining shooter gameplay with sneaking elements and a strong single player campaign. The player experiences a dark and intense vision of the horrific realities of Vietnam War from the point of view of a young US soldier who has volunteered for one of the worst jobs in war: the Tunnel Rat. Dedicated to clearing out the huge tunnel systems underneath the jungle, the player soon finds himself all alone fighting against the Vietcong, their deadly traps and his growing inner madness...
The game's based on Uwe Boll's movie of the same name.
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ISO Demo 481MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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