Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Iguana Entertainment, Sculptured Software / Acclaim 1997

The Campaigner might take over the universe and in addition uses numerous biogenetically manipulated dinos, drones and of course also human assistants. Turok, a mighty Indian warrior, wants to prevent this. It's loosely based on the comic book. So you take the role of this figure on a search for the individual parts of a weapon - the Chronoscepters - which with its help one hopes to destroy the Campaigner. One can enter each level over and over again, but a key is needed to be able to open a new level. Turok can climb up precipitous walls, while he uses his knife as a climbing help. One can also swim and must jump a lot. Besides the knife, one can use a bow with which one can also use explosive arrows (which are used up quickly though and often run out). Also a pistol and a shotgun are among your weaponry. The opponents are animated all extremely well and make it quite fun (presuming one does not have the German version). The scenery is enjoyable and varied, harmless animals sometimes also graze nearby which leave crosses if one fires at them which can be used to increase health for Turok. The graphics are quick and successfully capture the tropical atmosphere, even if one will never find himself in a thick jungle. Unfortunately, in Turok there is no quick save game ability. As with the N64 model, one can save only at certain places which spoils the game fun for me substantially. This is doubly damaging, because also the different endlevel bosses are astonishing and the whole ambience is pleasing. For patient players Turok may be something enjoyable, but on account of the save function I have never played through the entire game.

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Level Demo 11MB ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo ~18MB ( @ Abandonia)
ISO Demo ~313MB ( @ LTF Abandonware France)
ISO Demo ~320MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 3Dfx OEM version ~302MB (upped by Egon68)
EU Clone ISO Demo 377MB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.2.0.7 218MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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