Crackdown 3 Sumo Digital / Microsoft Studios 2019

The third installment in a series of popular, open-world futuristic action games. This introduces the previously XBox only franchise to PC for the first time. The players belong to a highly-trained government agency fighting the organized crime. The agents have cutting-edge equipment at their disposal, but also an exceptional permission to choose the means by which the most dangerous criminals are to be eliminated. The main concept behind the game did not change. However, the gameplay formula of the predecessors was slightly renewed. The players are thrown right into the midst of a futuristic city filled with majestic skyscrapers and colorful neon lights. but which is also being torn apart by violent crimes and corruption. The city is a huge, open world, which can be explored freely. The player moves either on foot or by a special vehicle capable of transformations. During the single-player campaign, the player receives a set of objectives from their supervisors. Those concern eliminating the crime lords, who terrorize the entire metropolis. Thanks to support provided by the agency, the player finds a set of futuristic gadgets and weapons at their disposal. When it comes to the weapons available, those allow the player to cause destruction in a very spectacular way, as well as to make even the largest buildings collapse. It also offers an extensive, online multiplayer mode for up to four players. Thus it can be enjoyed among others, allowing the players to destroy all the structures located in the city - from ordinary walls to bridges and different buildings. Through implementing such mechanisms, the creators delivered the players with great diversity when it comes to different gameplay opportunities and strategies that are now applicable.
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